Did you know that the German government is funding a special department just to make life hell for migrants? 
Their aims are: Humiliation, instability, repression, isolation, fear and deportation.
Without a residence permit, in Germany migrants are treated as though they are worthless, and their chances of asylum are very limited. 
Why? Because the authorities in Germany and Europe’s asylum systems are racist and in-humane. Officials are allowed to decide on the futures of people in search of protection without knowing the realities of their lives.
The authorities have power over so many people, but they are not upholding basic human rights.
Far too many asylum applications are rejected, and people’s life stories are thus overlooked, erased or trivialised. If your asylum application is rejected, you will be illegalised, directly deported or temporarily “tolerated” and treated with hostility.  
In concrete terms, this means that you have very few rights and will be vulnerable to the violence of the German authorities. 
In practice this means:
No right to work. 
No right to a formal education. 
No right to safe and secure housing.
No right to privacy.
No right to public health care.
No right to autonomy. 
No right to respect. 
No right to dignity.
The consequences for mental health are catastrophic.
With this protest we address and accuse the officials of the immigration authorities, as well as the inhumane foreign policy of the EU; of creating and perpetuating a violent and hostile environment. The work of the authorities is to dehumanise and humiliate people. They talk about integration, but migrants experience humiliation and exclusion.
Often the authorities spread the cliché that migrants are lazy and don’t want to work. Some-times they spread lies that migrants will take your jobs in areas that are actually under-staffed. 
Whether they work or not, migrants are always portrayed as the enemy.
In most cases, the authorities simply refuse us their work permits. 
The authorities expect migrants to learn German, but at the same time prevent them from accessing German courses. They lock them up in camps and residences that are totally iso-lated and leave no room for privacy. It has long been clear how inhumane, violent and ille-gal their behaviour is. It is now urgent that it becomes clear to everyone. 
This violence can no longer be ignored! 
We have to teach the immigration authority basic human rights! That is why we will take to the streets of Lutherstadt Wittenberg on 21 May 2022. Hear our voices! Let’s set limits for the immigration authority instead of setting borders for people!
We demand: Work permits, freedom of movement and access to education and health care for all! All together we can defend ourselves against this racist authority. Get Mobilised! 
Are you an employer? Could you hire refugees and support work permits for all?
Do you have space at home? Can you offer this space to a refugee? 
Can you redistribute funds? Can you give funds to those who urgently need it?
Are you also shocked and angry? Join us at the demo, become part of our organisation, be part of the call for change!